Speculative Futures Berlin Workshop

How can we design more inclusive, imaginative and impactful participatory futures?
In this online workshop you will get to know an open-source game built to inspire and provoke. Learn to play the "Our Futures" game to take on 21st-century challenges and develop out-of-the-box ideas for developing participatory futures. The game "Our Futures" was designed to help us collectively explore answers to the above question and pose those we have not considered. To help us expand our horizons of how we conceive participatory futures and design more inclusive and impactful participatory futures for us all. This workshop provides an overview of research on participatory futures, including global cases, and, most importantly, offers a hands-on opportunity for participants to play, localize, and mutate our futures.

What is Participatory Futures?
As a practice and concept, participatory futures refers to a range of approaches for involving citizens in exploring and/or shaping the future.

Why do we need participatory futures?
– To engage larger numbers of people in long-term thinking to strengthen democratic approaches to various futures.
– To create convergence on decisions that account for the future (generations, species) which can help to rebuild trust in institutions.
– To foster new ways of thinking (art, embodied, and experiential processes) and tap into the collective intelligence.
– To support future-informed citizens that can drive actions and behaviours in the present and address 21st-century challenges.

Who should attend?
– Anyone who wants to enhance their capability as a practitioner and/or researcher.
– Everyone who wants to help leverage citizen involvement, collective intelligence, and critical creativity to enhance decision-making and strategy development processes.
– No background in futures/foresight or participation required.

More information and registration here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Speculative-Futures-Berlin/events/283217500/

Speculative Futures Berlin is initiated by Ellery Studio www.ellerystudio.com